systemic inequities in local communities

We develop community based research into social infrastructure in partnership with local stakeholders

Capacity building & empowerment

We partner with local training/educational partner to provide training & capacity building.

Skills training & Workforce Development

We provide skills training & Workforce Development with Youth emphasis.

Advocacy, policy & Environmental justice

We advocating for design & industry value that promote equity & environmental stewardship.

Our Social Impact Measurement Guiding Principles

Our Three guiding principles for impact measurement

  1. Integrity

    We are is deeply committed to the communities who work with our students, researchers, staff, and partners. We measure our impact to hold ourselves accountable to these communities, ensuring that our programs are creating the greatest possible positive change and avoiding harm.

  2. Learning

    We are a learning institution. We regularly reflect on our results to continuously improve our own programs and to share lessons with others in the sector.

  3. Participation & Engagement

    We refine our understanding of impact in partnership with students, partners, and community members. We co-create a vision of success – and the metrics to track this vision – hand-in-hand with everyone touched by a project.