Our Services are driven by how much Impact we can make with our partners. about yourself.

Through community & stakeholder engagement processes, we ensure that we deliver our client’s needs while also aiming for broader social and environmental impacts.

Architecture & Design Consulting

We  offer design services with a focus on impact and design outcomes, hence our partnership with clients starts with understanding the problems that our clients are trying to solve.

Community Planning & Urban design

Our community design & urban design services are centered on our belief that communities should be at the center of mapping their future aspirations as critical component towards resiliency.

Workforce Development & Impact Management

Our services includes impact management via workforce development in design, construction, and asset management.

Architecture & Design- Pre-development services

We partner with our clients and partners from pre-inception to empathize, define and conceptualize their project aspirations through engagement and participatory led process. Our transaction advisory stage services include; 
  • Due diligence and project structuring
  • Planning investigations & preliminary zoning analysis
  • Existing conditions analysis and assets mapping
  • Needs assessment & diagnostics
  • Stakeholder engagement & participatory facilitation
  • You have an important role in the project
  • Project feasibility & viability study

Architecture & Design-Project Design, Documentation & Construction Admin.

We partner with clients through the whole process from preliminary design, schematic design & development, construction documentation and construction administration;
  • Project briefing/problems to be solved
  • Schematic design & design development
  • Code compliances and zoning analysis
  • Project budget analysis coordination
  • Project detailing and construction documentation
  • Project procurement & Contract bidding
  • Contract administration and supervision
  • Project closeout and punch listing

Community Planning & Urban design

Our community development & urban design services take partnerships with our stakeholders through all aspects design guided by the resilience framework agenda and engagement practices. Our services include;
  • Existing conditions analysis and assets mapping
  • Community/stakeholder engagement & facilitation
  • Environmental and socio economic analysis
  • Diagnostics and community priority matrix
  • Visioning and strategic actions development
  • Scenario planning and systems validation
  • Masterplanning and urban design development
  • Project validation & community presentation

Workforce Development & Impact Management

We can partner with you to maximize your project’s impact by providing workforce development and economic growth strategies in the following areas;
  • Construction Management
  • Construction/Building Trades
  • Facilities & Asset Management
  • Green Infrastructure & Environmental Resiliency
  • Local Youth Engagement Strategies
  • Community Asset Mapping & Documentation
  • Internal Capacity Building
  • Project Assessment & Impact Measurement

We partner with home owners and city authorities to develop Additional Housing Units

Developing a Social Impact framework for the design and implementation of Additional Dwelling Units (ADU’s)

Additional/Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) all have the potential to increase housing affordability (both for homeowners and tenants), promote resilient infrastructure, create a wider range of housing options, reduce carbon emissions, enable seniors to stay near family as they age, increase homeowner and community wealth, and facilitate better use of the existing housing fabric in established neighborhoods. We designed Boston’s first approved ADU and continue to be thought and design leaders in New England to promote policy and high-quality design standards for ADU’s.

For Home Owners we offer the following service;

  • Existing home conditions assessment & documentation
  • Preliminary zoning analysis & ADU suitability
  • ADU layout design & development
  • ADU workshop presentation (Boston)
  • ADU permit set documentation

For Municipal Authorities

We partner with local municipalities seeking to develop the ADU program to;

  • Conduct preliminary ADU prototyping & testing
  • ADU Program documentation (Informational Toolkits)
More about Boston’s ADU program